Comfort creatures

We are. All of us.

But what is comfort? How/when can you say that your house is comfortable?

Let me ask you a question. Is your bathroom comfortable? The first thing that will probably come to your mind is ‘he’s nuts’. But then you start thinking about things and you’ll probably come up with one or two features that you’d say can be evaluated in terms of comfort. Yes, softness of the toilet seat would be one of them.

What if I told you that your bathroom is the most critical room in your house with the greatest potential to make or break your day?

Heresy? Don’t think so.

Let me take you on a journey through the perfect bathroom.

As you step in through the door the light comes on. Depending on the time of day or night it might be tiny dimmed warm accent light letting you find your way around, or it might be full blown ‘we’re shooting TV show here’ make up preparation daylight colored light assault.

Your feet step on nicely textured delicately warmed tiles. The floor is constantly kept 2 degrees above ambient air temperature to give you that great comfortable feeling. You know, the one that makes you remember with smile all the times you stepped barefoot on a stone cold tiles and shivered. You’ll never feel it again.

You follow to the shower, open tap and wait a second or two. It doesn’t take too long, mere seconds. The thermostatic shower valve automatically mixes hot and cold water to deliver that perfect one you love. And it keeps it there no matter how many taps, washers or showers are running in the house. No matter what, you get your perfect shower. Every day.

You step out and grab the towel. Yup you’ve guessed it. Towel rack is heated too. The sensor turned it on right when you came in, it works fast and effortlessly preheats the towel so you can dry yourself with a smile. It’ll keep it warm for few more minutes to help it dry fast.

Now it’s makeup time. Every day when you do it you think how great it is that the vanity is just about 1″ higher than the standard. You’re 6’2″ and for years felt like adult in children room, now you’ve got your perfect height and you’re oh so happy to never experience back pain after after spending 15 minutes in front of the mirror bent like a coat hanger.

You leave the room smiling and ready to fight all the dragons…

Too good to be true? Too expensive?

You don’t have to fully remodel your bathroom to get it. Most of the features I’ve mentioned can be affordably retrofitted to almost any bathroom no matter what size.

How do you define comfort? Tell us what do you thing.

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